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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Green Stone Tiles : Rare Green Stone from Indonesia for Your Pool Tiles

Amazing Green Sukabumi Tiles
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Green Stone Sukabumi are greatest stone tile for Pool. This Stone tiles just can found in Java, indonesia. This Pool Tiles Become famous in the world because has many benefit for pool tiles. It has install to many Luxury pool from Bali Island and others likes Brazil Pool, Australia, etc. This Stone has Natural Green Color.
Green Sukabumi for all Swimming Pool Part
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Green Stone Sukabumi has Crystal and plain type. Crystal type of Green Stone Sukabumi has some crystal spot on the stone. Plain Type is Green Stone Type without crystal on the stone face. Ratio of the green stone type are Crystal = 75 % and Plain = 25% (See on Below Picture).
Plain and Crytal Type Sukabumi Tiles

1. Size of Green Stone Sukabumi Tiles

Plain and Crytal Type Sukabumi Tiles

We can produce many size for your Pool Project. In below you can see, standar size we usually produce. 
Note : For Custom/Special Size, We can provide to you. Please, don't hesitate to contact Us.

2. Finishing of green Stone Sukabumi Tiles

Finishing of Green Stone Tiles are Rough Face, Sawn Cut, Honed, Bullnose, Bevel, etc. Rough Face finishing will make your stone has one face likes Natural Stone face without processing. Rough face usually use for Wall, it will make your wall has solid wall likes Stone from Nature. Second is Sawn Cut Finishing without Smooth finishing after Machine cut. With Sawn cut finishing, you will get former face with scratches machine. To get more smoothest face after sawn cut, you can choose Honed finishing. Honed Finishing will make your stone get smoothest Face.
Rough Face Green Stone Tiles Finishing

If you want not get sharpen side for your outter side tile or wall, you can choose Bevel or Bullnose Finishing. With Bevel finishing you will get slope side on your Green Sukabumi stone Tile. If you want get rounded side, you can choose Bullnose Finishing. When Green stone sukabumi usually use for pool tiles, some of outer side need this finishing to make the pool safe for people. 

3. Benefit from Green Stone Sukabumi

Green Stone Sukabumi has many benefit for your Green Pool tiles or other application. Green Stone Sukabumi will make your pool has fresh water because has special substance called Zeolite. Zeolite Substance will make the water clear from microorganism. So Zeolite can make the water has fresh and natural water. More Substance detail about our Green Stone tile Check on below Table. 
Other benefit from Green Stone Sukabumi are :
1. Has Anti slip material, will make your pool safe from slip accident. 
2. Has Natural Green Color
3. Elegant Stone tiles for Pool Tiles
4. Very Rare because just can found in Indonesia
5. Has Zeolite substance
6. Can use for long time because this stone has high hardness
7. Thermal stably make The stone not hot
8. Water resistance
9. Has very low absorption rate.
Leaf Full Green Sukabumi Swimming Pool Tiles
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4. Application Green Stone Sukabumi

Commonly Green Stone Sukabumi is using for Pool Tiles or pool wall. In below we will show you the application of this Stone.
For Green Bali Pool Tiles
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Bali Stone Tiles For Pool Wall 
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More detail about Bali Stone Tiles and Our Green Stone Information, Please to contact us

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