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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Review Maya Ubud Resort (Amazing Black Lava Stone Tiles and Green Pool Tiles)

Black Lava Stone Tiles
Source : Instagram
Maya Ubud Resort is one big Villa from Bali. This Villa many facility and many amazing Place. Maya Ubud Resort has applied Natural Environment and Natural Design. The Design Of Maya Ubud Resort was very great and Wonderful because Combine with Natural Stone Tiles. The Natural Stone Tiles Indonesia Applied to Pool Tiles, Pool Deck, Floor, Stairs, etc.
Black Lava Stone Stairs
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First, we will review from Lava Stone Tiles for Stair. with Natural Stone Called Black Lava Stone Indonesia for Stairs make it more Strong and has Elegant Black Dark Color. In Above Picture We can saw Amazing Black Lava Stone Tiles (Wet condition). It has Grey, Dark Grey and Black Lava Stone Tiles Color. Mostly is Dark Gray Color of Lava Stone Tiles. 
Black Lava Pool Tiles and Green Pool Tiles
Source : Instagram
Next from Second Pool Tiles. From this Second Pool we can saw combination of Green And Black Color. It were Black Lava Pool Tiles (Black Color) and Green Pool Tiles (Green Color). The Pool Look has elegant view because has Green and Black Color. This Pool Also very Great Location because has Nature Forest Environment. Greatest Design and Application make This Pool is great choice to enjoy and Take Swimming because has Amazing Pool.
Another Side of Amazing Black Lava Tiles Pool Deck
Source : Instagram
From another Side of Swimming Pool we can Saw greatest design from Ubud Resort Swimming Pool. Swimming Pool Maya Ubud has amazing Design because The Pool has round side. It also make by Black Lava Tiles. Black Lava Tiles is great applied for Pool Deck or Pool Tiles. This Big Swimming Pool has Amazing Nature View. From this Situation, All visitor will enjoy and very Satisfaction in This Swimming Pool.
Another Black Lava Stone Wall
Source : Instagram
Lava Stone Tiles Also applied to Wall. This Black Lava Stone Wall was Finishing with Elegant Irregular View. This Lava Stone Wall has Black Color because It were Paint with Natural Stone Paint. Lava Stone Wall from Maya Ubud Resort is very great because was Applied and Install with Perfect Condition. For Install Random Irregular Black Lava Stone, We need Professional Worker for Natural Stone Installation.
Green Sukabumi Pool Tiles and Lava Pool Tiles
Source : Instagram
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