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Monday, November 7, 2016

Elegant Lava Stone Tiles, Lava Stone Indonesia Finishing (Honed, Bullnose, Sawn cut)

Lava Stone Indonesia can process with Honed finishing, Irregular Sawn Cut finishing, Rough face, Random Finishing, Bullnose Finishing, Bevel, etc. The best finishing  dependent to our client project. In below we will tell you some part of this finishing.

1. Sawn Cut Finishing

Sawn cut finishing is finishing with machine cut without any process. With this finishing our stone tiles will get scratch marks machinery and The stone tiles will not smooth because this machine former. If you would like to get finishing with not very smooth finishing, you can choose this finishing. On below I have show you the different of Sawn cut finishing and Honed Finishing.
Different Honed and Sawn Cut (Green Stone Sukabumi)

2. Honed Finishing

Next, Honed finishing is finishing to get smoothest face after process with machine. This process will make the stone has smoothest face and eliminating the machine former. Usually for Pool tiles is using Honed Finishing because it will get smoothest face. Honed finishing process with polisher machine.

3. Rough Face Finishing

If you want get Stone face likes natural stone, you can choose this finishing. Rough face finishing is Finishing to get stone tile face likes Natural stone without process. It will make the stone has rough face tiles. This finishing usually used for wall because make the wall look amazing likes natural stone.
Rough Face Lava Tiles Finishing (Wet Condition)

Wet Condition Lava Stone Rough face Finishing

4. Random Finishing

The next finishing is Random finishing. With random finishing you will get random size of Black Lava Stone tiles. Random finishing will make your wall more artistic and more aesthetic design. With random size it need professional installation to the wall, but after it finish the wall look amazing.

Application of  Random Lava Stone 
(Source : Instagram)

5. Bullnose or Bevel Finishing

This finishing to get face with not sharp side. Usually it use for outer side of the installation. To get Round Side you can choose Bullnose finishing, to get slope side you can choose bevel finishing. It will make your wall or other outer side safety. If you install it to Pool, You should make your outer pool deck safe for people with use this finishing.
Bullnose Lava Stone Finishing (wet Condition)

Black Lava Stone Bullnose Finishing (wet Condition)

6. Other Finishing Lava Stone

Lava Stone Tiles Raw Material
If you want other finishing for Lava Stone Tiles, Please contact us with your detail order. We can produce other finishing because we make it on Lava Stone Tiles manufacture. Contact us :

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